Day 5: What Is Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Why

I have always thought it was crazy that there are so many different feelings food can give you. Happiness..cause the restaurant serves your favorite fish, Anger..cause that fish wasn’t cooked all the way and now your sick. Resentment cause now your in a food coma from eating way to much. There’s good for you food and bad for you food. Food can make you overweight if you eat to much and it can make you underweight if you don’t eat enough of it. Good food, bad food, happy food, sad food and Comfort food…….

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Day 3: What Are Your Top 5 Pet Peeves?

When I saw that this was the topic for today..I thought BAM!!! that’s gonna be cake!! Errrrt Wrong! You know when you say “ugh, that is so annoying” or ” I cant stand when he does that” Well I know I have said it, probably a million times but I cant for the life of me think of what actually annoyed that time. I have a few I can think of right away..Ones a BIG one for me and one not so much.What Are Your Top 5 Pet Peeves?  Continue reading

Day 1: Discuss Your Relationship

My relationship..well I have been with “him” since Nov 2010 that will be 6 years this November. Though the 6 years we have been though a lot! When we first met he was a traveling welder, jumping from place to place. I was a mom to a 1 year old, working full time and going to school on-line. After about 6 months of dating he asked us to go on the road with him. My daughter and I left our home state of Colorado where I had lived for 26 years to travel to states. It was the most exhilarating feeling..nervous to leave all I had ever knew, but excited for our future. He gave me something I never thought I wanted or would get to do. Travel! This was the first of many many thing he would give me that would make me grow into the women I am today.  Continue reading

My Lost Love For Books

When is the last time you read a book? I know for me is has been no joke 5+ years. I’m not sure what happened…well I actually do…life happened. There really is no excuse for not doing something that I love to do. I love reading absolutely love it. Reading takes me away into places that don’t exist in my real life. A place where my imagination takes over and I loose track of time. I get so deep into the books I read….aaaah just talking about it makes me long for a good book!!! I never used to be this way Continue reading

It’s Been a While

I haven’t written much of anything for months now. main reason…or what I want to say is my reason is I haven’t had my computer. We fell on hard times there for a couple months and I had to take my computer to my most despised place…..THE PAWN SHOP.. Dun Dun Dun. I don’t know why I hate it so has helped us in some bad times… I guess its the dropping of the pride that must take place for me to walk in there with something that I treasure and ask if it is worthy enough for a small loan. UGH..and they never think what I’m bringing in is worth as much as it is. Anyway…I got it back yesterday!!! YAY!!  Continue reading